The blog is back!

Who’s excited? I am!

Excited baby

It’s been a while, hasn’t it? Well, Marlie Jane is back, and plainer than ever!

So where do I start?!

Why have I returned so suddenly?

Because I missed writing! I’ve been contemplating a comeback for a while, secretly and sneakily plotting my return.

It was all inspired by people asking me how to start a blog. I have been quite the busy bee lately, balancing two and a half jobs and trying to maintain a happy, healthy social life, relationship and family time before my last semester of college begins.

A new chapter in my life is about to begin, which is what inspired my first ever blog post on, “New Beginnings.” I see this last semester of college as an ending that will lead to many new beginnings, which I cannot wait to share with all of you.

New name?

Who doesn’t want a basic, cutesy blog name? It has a story behind it, I swear.

You guys know me, you know how I write. A lot of things are very personal, comical, sometimes even pretty blunt. I like to be honest with my readers, open. Why? Because I too have learned from mistakes, experiences, and some of life’s hardships.

So here I am, Plain Jane. What you see is what you get, plain and simple. I’m me, and that’s who I enjoy being. On a platform used by everyone that encourages competition, jealousy, idolization, and a lot of times pure hatred, I want to be a breath of fresh air, if possible. I want to create a place where everyone can be themselves, and remind people that it is completely okay to be confident, laugh at yourself, and accept others for who they are. You can do that here and you should do it everywhere, and that’s just the plain truth.img_1393.jpg

What’s up with me?

Anyone who keeps up with me in real life and on social media probably knows that I work a lot, take lots of pictures and spam people with all of them, and have a super cute boyfriend named Benjamin. They know I make coffee and write press releases for a living and that I love yearbooks.

What you all probably don’t know is the plain and simple truth; this past semester I was  diagnosed with anxiety, a mental illness which is, unfortunately, a genetic thing I can’t really “get away” from. That’s right, this person who always seemed so “calm, cool, and collected” in past blogs, who wanted you to “live in the moment,” and who told you that stressful times pass, struggles with the evil battle of the mind, anxiety.

But here I am, coping with it. I stress about things to come, I try to rush and get things done, I overwhelm myself with work. And yes, I am absolutely terrified of this last semester.

Dealing with it:

Of course, there are medical ways to temporarily deal with this mess of a mind I have. And I have learned to accept that. But, I also found other, natural ways to deal with stress when life gets overwhelming. img_1523

I surround myself with positive people. I have the biggest support system! Loving family members who have struggled with the same things I struggle with. A caring, considerate boyfriend who understands me (somehow) and gives fantastic shoulder rubs when I’m grumpy. Awesome bosses and co workers who I see as my closest friends, and probably some of the coolest, most accepting people I have ever met. And of course friends who stick with me to this day, don’t drag me down or use me, and who don’t let me be a doormat. friends

I can’t forget faith. I may not be the best Catholic there is, I may not be the best Christian either. But I know God’s got a plan for me, even bigger than all the planning ahead and overthinking I can ever do (anyone who knows me knows I do a lot of thinking and planning).

What next?

That’s for me to plan, and God to write over. But for now, I plan to gradute, find a job that combines doing what I love (writing) and meeting new people. Maybe some travelling.

But I am here to share with you the steps it takes to get where I end up next, and I hope that all of this helps you with your own journeys, whatever or wherever they may be! Plain & Simple.

Thanks for reading!


Plain Jane



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