Need a miracle? Phone a friend.

I’ve been having good days and bad days.

Don’t we all?

I guess you could say I’m having typical “mid-semester stress.” But this semester is different. This semester is my last. This semester, I’m not going to be scheduling another semester of school. This semester, I’m going 0-100 trying to figure out what the heck comes next.

“What are your plans after graduation?!” everyone asks, and I love that they all care so much.

But the truth is, I don’t know. All I know is I’ll be serving coffee at PJ’s until some opportunity comes along. You guys know I love that coffee shop!

Applying for jobs is practically a weekly routine for me now. And so is stocking up on those rejection emails.

Today was one of those bittersweet days. A relaxing morning at work. I get off early on Fridays which makes the day even better. I planned on grabbing lunch with my boss and co-worker and heading home, but halfway to the restaurant I let them know I was going to go home and relax.

Truth is, I felt that knot in my stomach. Balled up with stress, anxiety, and what ifs that create the heaviness your heart feels when you are about to burst into tears.

But then a miracle happened. I drove past a friend I’ve had since youth group in 9th grade. This friend is a miracle in himself, having survived a brain aneurysm last year — which involved three surgeries in one day — and it just so happened that we crossed each other at a four way stop in that moment.

So I called him. All I wanted to tell him was that I just saw him on the road but didn’t get to say hi in time. This led to a conversation that I didn’t realize I needed.

Zachary Ledet has been through a lot in his lifetime, even prior to the aneurysm. There was a lot of stress and turmoil in his heart. Through all of that, Zachary was — and still is — someone who can light up a room in seconds.

That day at the hospital, no one knew if he would live or die. No one knew the outcome. Family, friends and strangers prayed in that waiting room for hours.

The Zachary I spoke to on the phone today was the same ol’ Zachary. Loving, kind, positive and fun. But this Zachary is someone who was given a second chance at life and knows the reason God put him on this Earth.

This 30 minute conversation made me smile, laugh and cry. It definitely put my small problems in perspective. I was so ecstatic to hear how wonderful Zachary’s life is, how close his family has gotten, how loved he feels by everyone. The stress that was prominent before his hospital stay is practically gone.

It is one thing to have faith and know that God is with you in every situation, but to see Him working in the life of those close to you is an awe-inspiring thing. I saw God in the waiting room of the ICU while Zachary was in recovery. I saw his family gather together with strangers and bow their heads to pray. I heard Zach’s and my former youth minister, Tammy Vidrine, say that it was only a good sign that they were starting his third brain surgery that day — “Jesus fell three times.”

Each time I see Zachary and get to have a catch-up conversation with him, I see God. I see the happiness He has brought to Zach’s life.

After that phone call today, I feel so blessed to still have Zachary in my life. I feel so blessed to have the little problems I have, and so blessed to be able tor recognize the little miracles God sends us everyday in the midst of “hard times.”

I told Zach of my struggles with figuring out the future. He told me it will all work out, just to give it time and patience. He realizes now how everyone around him is so busy with school and work and knows that we will all be able to look back and say we made it through the stress that comes with the busyness. Life is too short to worry so much! We can’t forget to live it to the fullest.

The knot in my stomach disappeared, and I was able to take a deep breath. We all have good days and bad days. We all have worries about the future.

But one thing we can’t ever forget is to live — and love — in the present. You never know when you can lose someone you love. Don’t wait until you come close to it to appreciate those people around you. Those people who support you, the ones who light up the room. In spite of my stress, I’ve felt so loved by my family and friends in the past few months, and I couldn’t be more blessed.

I encourage all of you to call someone — anyone — who instantly reminds you to keep the faith. Have that conversation you don’t know you need. Because God knows you need it.


Plain Jane

2 thoughts on “Need a miracle? Phone a friend.

  1. Oh Marlie….Such a beautiful blog!!! Life seemed so simple growing up years ago, and now everyone lives in the fast lane. It’s always great meeting up with friends from long ago, and rekindling those friendships….You are one talented young lady, and I look forward to reading your stories….You have a great future ahead of you and this is just the beginning…


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