headshotWelcome to Plain Jane! My name is Marlie Jane, and I am writing to not only do something I love, but to hopefully encourage and inspire you to do what you love, to be yourself, plain and simple.

So here’s a little about plain ole’ me. I love books, coffee, the smells of both of those things, puns, and cardigans. I like wearing my glasses 24/7 because they help me see, and because they bring out my inner nerd (and who are we kidding, contacts suck).

I was born and raised in South Louisiana, down a family road, less than 5 minutes away from the Catholic Church where I grew to know Jesus. I earned my Bachelor of Arts in English from Louisiana State University in 2018, where I worked as co-editor-in-chief of the Gumbo Yearbook for two years.

Currently, I am working on my Masters of Science in Counseling at Southeastern Louisiana University. I hope to become a school counselor in about three years, so that I can help high school students make tough decisions about their future and overcome different obstacles and milestones they may encounter during secondary education.

I am also an almost-decent barista at PJ’s Coffee. I can’t make latte art but I know the recipes, so I guess that’s cool enough.

In this blog, you will find advice about loving yourself, loving others, and loving the Lord. I like to write about all of life’s little bloopers, my family, and experiences I’ve learned from throughout my 22 years. I hope in reading this you know that you’re not alone in the struggles in life, and that you should always always be who you are. Plain and simple.

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