Dear Me, Five Years Ago

So dear me, hugging a lumpy couch pillow, crying, telling Dad I don’t want to do college: You DID IT! It’s okay to feel like giving up at times. A wise person once told me, if you aren’t terrified of the next step you’re about to take in life, you aren’t thinking about it hard enough. The fact that you put a lot of thought into working hard is good. Some people don’t care so much. You cared, you tried your best, and you got through it.

The Unfortunate Truth About Being Your Own Fortune Teller

Hi, my name is Marlie, and I THINK I can see the future. You see, every now and then I freeze up and I look like I’m in outer space. I get this kind of vision of something that’s about to happen… Wait, no, that’s not me. That’s every episode I’ve ever seen of That’sContinue reading “The Unfortunate Truth About Being Your Own Fortune Teller”