Growing before I bloom

Plants still have life in them when there are no flowers to showcase. My life still has meaning when I am working toward my goals. While I am in seasons with no flowers, I must keep taking care of myself, keep growing, and stay grounded in the present, so that I can fully immerse myself in the happiness to come later.

For the Weary & the Burdened

You park your car in your driveway and you decide, it’s time to clean this thing out. It’s a cluttered mess in here! Where do I start? I definitely don’t want to make more than one trip to the house, and there’s a lot of stuff here. Let me tuck this book under my arm like so, this bag over this shoulder, this bag over the other, this article of clothing around my neck. I’ll carry this in this hand, this cup in the other. Ew, what was in this cup?! Oh shoot where did I put my phone? Drop everything and do it again. Now if I could just maneuver my fingers to where I can hit that lock button on my keys…