I grew up going to church here, and it has shaped a huge part of who I am. Catholicism runs back in my family for generations, and it means more and more to me as I explore my faith in bible studies and in mass.
I’ve just recently been introduced to Dr. Brené Brown in grad school. We watched a couple of videos on her research on shame and empathy, which led me to explore podcasts and purchase some of her books. I can’t wait to read them and share what I learn with you guys! She is great; check out some talks by her.
This is the first video we watched in class that introduced me to Dr. Brené Brown. It’s a cute cartoon created to Dr. Brown discussing the difference between sympathy and empathy. Important lessons here!
In my search for ways to cope with stress and anxiety, I came across the lovely Adriene Mishler. She makes yoga less intimidating and more of a therapeutic way of answering to what your body needs! I haven’t injured myself doing home yoga practice yet, so check her out!
A fast talker with a lot of important things to say, Fr. Mike Schmitz has answered many of my questions about Catholicism over the years.
Adoption is something that is important to me, and something I want to experience someday when I have children of my own. I am a big fan of Thomas Rhett (country singer) and Laura Akins, who adopted a little girl from Uganda from this organization. I donate to Love One occasionally. I love reading stories about families growing through them!
I was recently introduced to this organization through a long Facebook video interview of the man who started it. So much more needs to be done about human trafficking, and these guys are out there literally doing all they can to stop it. So awesome!
When I worked for the Louisiana trucking association, I met many people involved in TAT, including a guest speaker and human trafficking survivor herself. In an industry that is closely associated with trafficking, it is comforting to know efforts are being made here to raise awareness and put a stop to it.
The Little Flower is my chosen saint from my Confirmation in the Catholic Church. She is known for implementing small acts of love throughout her life to show God’s love to others. Sometimes, it’s not only the huge, elaborate gestures that matter, but the small ones, too.
I watched this during my undergrad at LSU in a mass communication class and probably in a few other classes along the way. I love it more every time I watch it!
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