Compound life

When I look at these photos, I see more than just kids having fun and parents letting loose after a long week of work. I see generations, I see my past, present and future. I see the people I love the most in the whole world.


Published by Plain Jane

Welcome to Plain Jane! My name is Marlie Jane, and I am writing to not only do something I love, but to hopefully encourage and inspire you to do what you love, to be yourself, plain and simple. So here's a little about plain ole' me. I love books, coffee, the smells of both, puns, and cardigans. I like wearing my glasses 24/7 because they help me see, and because they bring out my inner nerd (and who are we kidding, contacts suck). I was born and raised in South Louisiana, down a family road, less than 5 minutes away from the Catholic Church where I grew to know Jesus. I like to stay working. I've worked at desk jobs, retail jobs, and editing jobs. Currently, I am a Public Information Office Intern for the local school system, the same school system I learned in from pre-k to 12th grade. I am also an almost-decent barista at PJ's Coffee. I can't make latte art but I know the recipes, so I guess that's cool enough. I also work for LSU Gumbo Yearbook, where I was a page designer for 1 year, co-editor-in-chief for 2 years, and now a Humans of LSU reporter. I just like to experience the world and people through various types of jobs, you know? In this blog, you will find advice about loving yourself, loving others, and loving the Lord. I like to write about all of life's little bloopers, my family, and experiences I've learned from throughout my 22 years. I hope in reading this you know that you're not alone in the struggles in life, and that you should always always be just who you are. Plain and simple.

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